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Safety Assist is a private Consultancy providing services to transport and logistics industry.


Whether your business is large or small, we can help you design and maintain your safety system.


"Your business is our priority."


Drug and Alcohol Testing


Safety Assist is proud to announce Drug and Alcohol testing now available. Using the latest Saliva based tesing system providing reliability and integrity in testing of your employees and contractors.


Contact us to discuss your company requirements.



Fall Prevention Safety System (FPSS Trailer)


Safety Assist is proud to announce that the Fall Prevention Safety System (FPSS Trailer) is available. This system allows your driver to load and unload safely without the risk of fall from height. It takes your safety system to your customers premises.


This system has been five years in the development and now is available in various configerations to suit your business.


Falls from height, driver separation, loader and customer safety is paramount to your business.


Contact us today for more information.